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No Free Passes

Jonah’s right, we can’t give Dean (or Patrick Leahy or Chris Matthews or that Amnesty International guy) a free pass just because they’re unbelievably wrong so often.

So I’m here to propose a national system of lap running. Remember when you made the coach or the gym teacher mad? He’d make you take a lap. And a nice lonesome jog around the football field was just enough time to make you feel foolish and reconsider what you’d done.

Next time Dean says Republicans are evil, he has to take a lap. Katie Couric tosses a softball to Kofi Annan? Take a lap, Perky. New York Times series on wealth? Everyone gets a lap, even the paperboys.

Over time, of course, people will notice that Dean is constantly running. Thankfully, it won’t be for office.

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