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No Indifference

I’ve already talked about my own essay in Never A Matter of Indifference: Sustaining Virtue in a Free Republic, the new collection edited by political philosopher, Peter Berkowitz. There’s lot’s of stuff in this book that will be of interest to readers of NRO. Political philosopher Harvey C. Mansfield contributes an essay on the tension between liberty and virtue at the American Founding. The piece features Mansfield’s very interesting take on Benjamin Franklin. Chester Finn has a great piece on the contemporary struggle over values in schooling, and Doug Kmiec makes a powerful case for a return to more traditional concepts of marriage and family. I may be somewhat more liberal than Kmiec on these issues, but his case is strong and his insights helpful to anyone with an interest in marriage and family, regardless of their viewpoint. Finally, David Davenport and Hanna Skandera do a fascinating job of tracing the decline of civic associations over the past several decades. What’s new in their analysis is the detailed way in which they link the decline of local associations to the growth and centralization of government.


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