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No Obama/Cuomo 2012 Ticket

The New York Post floated the idea yesterday that President Obama would ditch Joe Biden for New York governor Andrew Cuomo:

Former New York GOP boss William Powers, credited with playing a key role in electing Rudy Giuliani mayor and George Pataki governor, was effusive in his praise of Cuomo’s successes in the just-ended legislative session, and in his prediction of the freshman governor’s political future.

“Andrew had a fabulous session. It was fabulous. A property-tax cap, ethics reform and, for Democrats, gay marriage,” said Powers.

“I don’t think there’s any doubt Obama is going to pick him as his running mate. The president is in trouble and [Vice President Joseph] Biden doesn’t bring anything to his ticket.

“The president will call him up later this year and say, ‘Andrew, you have to do this for the good of the country.’ What’s Andrew going to say, ‘No?’ “

Fox News is reporting that White House aides have shot down the idea that Biden would be replaced.

Perhaps Biden, who just got his first twitter account (yes, even vice presidents have to keep tweets 140 characters or shorter), will personally respond sometime later today with his thoughts on the matter.

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