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No One Deserves to Get COVID-19

The only thing certain about Trump’s contracting COVID-19 is that our political discourse is about to become even more insufferable. But I don’t think suggesting that those who do get coronavirus did something to deserve their fate is a very smart play. This seems to be the tone of some of the Left’s reaction. Speaker Pelosi, for example, says Trump’s behavior during the pandemic “was a brazen invitation for something like this to happen.” Even if Pelosi is right — and considering Trump’s germaphobic tendencies, I’m not sure she is — thousands of health professionals, politicians, business owners, and parents compelled to work to keep their households afloat follow protocols and still get the virus despite their best efforts. And those who contract coronavirus are not handed anything close to a death sentence. Now that we’ve learned more about the disease, the vast majority — about 99 percent of those who get it — survive. It would be nice if the tone of the coverage reflected that reality.