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No One Here But Us Whackos

From a reader, in response to my column:


Like most right-wing wackos, you’re skilled in lies of omission. The false conflation of bin Laden and Huessin, and Bush’s pseudo “evidence” concerning WMD’s were the foundation for Bush’s war with Iraq that you find so laudable.

It’s clear from his record of personal integrity and intelligence, that Kerry would have only fought the appropriate war against terror( bin Laden) and not an additional one for the most callous and despicable of political reasons(Iraq).

Let’s see, what was Bush commenting on in 1970–”How many bottles of Lone Star are there in a case” and from that we can, of course, conclude that our current President is nothing but a dry drunk?

There’s nothing quite as amusing as when you and Will–the warrior wimp brothers–expound so cleverly about U.S. defense policies, analogous to Limbaugh’s sage comments about NFL quarterbacks.

Since you and Bush never served your country in combat I can understand that you can’t begin to appreciate the lessons Kerry learned from VietNam. Your characterization of them is, to put it more politely than you deserve, assine.

Speaking of excreable; you and Frum owe Senator Kerry an apology for attempling to “give legs” to a false bimbo story. Of course you’ve always been immune to even an approximation of truth when it got in the way of your ideology–as truth has a nasty habit of doing.

Well, happy sliming.



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