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No Reason for Panic on Health Law

There is buzz aplenty about the decision by the 6th Circuit Court of Appeals to uphold the individual mandate to purchase health insurance. The takeaway from most of the coverage thus far, including the New York Times, is that this decision is the “first on the merits that has not broken down strictly along seemingly partisan lines.” True enough, as far as it goes, but there are still plenty of judges who need to weigh in on this, and we may see other partisan deviations down the road.

The more important point was made by Politico’s Jennifer Haberkorn, who noted that “the 6th Circuit is the first of three appeals panels expected to issue rulings on the law this summer.” We will know more after the other rulings later this summer, and the real resolution on this will not come until we hear from the Supreme Court. In the meantime, nothing has changed the fact the Obama health-care law is expensive, intrusive, and continues to face significant challenges on the political, legislative, and judicial fronts.


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