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No Representation, No Taxation

John – Sorry I missed this post this morning. I was dropping my kid off at school. Not only do I agree with you, but I’ve made this argument before and I even make it again in a small piece in the next print issue of NR. An excerpt from my piece seven years ago:

One solution is retrocession. This would mean giving D.C. to Maryland. That’s where the land comes from originally. Virginia’s portion was taken back, retroceded, in 1846. All of a sudden, residents of Washington, Maryland, would be able to vote for two senators, a congressman or two, etc. Badabing: representation with taxation. It’s a fine idea, but I’ve got a better one. Screw representation. I want the license plates to say “No Taxation. Period.” Personally, I don’t see the burning need for another Democratic hack Senator. I’d much, much, much, much, rather not pay federal taxes at all.

There are several reasons why this idea has merit. First and foremost, it would be very good for me. This point really cannot be overemphasized. But it would also be good for the District’s mostly black, mostly poor, 700,000 residents….

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