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No RINOs Need Apply in Connecticut


A big week is coming up in the Nutmeg State. I hope Corner readers will indulge me as I put on my Roger Sherman Liberty Center ( helmet and share some artillery-spotting as conservatives prepare for a major budget battle, seeking to defeat Governor Dannell Malloy’s desire to swipe another $1.5 billion in taxes from the pockets of the good people of Connecticut.

Memo to: CT Republican Senators and “Fiscally Conservative” Democrats

From:  Jack Fowler, Chairman, Roger Sherman Liberty Center

Re: Saving the State by Fighting Gov. Dannell Malloy’s Economy-Crushing, Tax-Hiking Budget Proposal


Concerning the expected budget vote early the week of May 1, we recommend the following:

• That Senate Republican Leader  McKinney order the staff to work through weekend to prepare a minimum of 200 amendments.

• That no item in the budget be considered too large or too small for an amendment.

• That a roll call must be requested on each and every amendment.

• That it be agreed that the clerk shall NOT wave the reading.

• That individual Republican senators speak as much as possible on each amendment.

• That any Republican or tax-opposing Democrat who considers “obstructionist” those permissible legislative tactics that are intent on saving the state’s economy and overburdened taxpayers with “obstructionism” be told where he can place his precious feelings.

• That Democrats who also find themselves in opposition to the Malloy Budget must also fully engage in promoting and supporting these amendments, including participating in prolonged debate over each and every item.

The amendment process is the only strategic legislative tool conservative and tax-opposing lawmakers have at this point to fight on behalf of taxpayers. The liberal Democrats who are supportive of the Governor’s proposed budget are interested in class warfare that will result in the destruction of our corporate base and the financial crushing of Connecticut’s already monstrously indebted taxpayers. 

Legislators must not quibble or quiver over their right to use these methods. Those who can avail themselves to employing these tactics — and don’t — will be operating as if in opposition to the needs and interests of Connecticut taxpayers.

You must … engage. You must … buy time. You must … slow this thing down. You must … make those senators who support this outrageous threat to Connecticut squirm. 

We expect: a minimum of  200 amendments that will, separately and collectively, put the lie to the malarky line that the budget can’t be cut, and that taxes must be raised.   

This is the moment to walk this economic madness back from the edge of the cliff.  

The taxpayers of Connecticut are with us. Are the Republicans? Are those self-proclaimed “fiscally conservative” Democrats. 

We shall see you on the other side.


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