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No Roman Peace

Item: “I’m always worried about using the word ‘victory,’ because…it invokes this notion of Emperor Hirohito coming down and signing a surrender to MacArthur.” –Barack Obama, July, 2009

Today on Uncommon Knowledge, John Arquilla, professor of defense analysis at the Naval Post Graduate School, and Victor Davis Hanson, Hoover Fellow and military historian address the question of how to secure victory in the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Victor Davis Hanson: How can you defeat an enemy when you can’t crush him – when you can’t humiliate him, and when you can’t have a Roman peace?  John has demonstrated that these network approaches are very affective in taking out really formidable enemies that have all the advantages of terrain, logistics, etc.  But the debate today is over how you defeat these people.  You can’t humiliate them, you can’t kill them all.  How are you going to ensure the victory?  This is the debate we’re having now.

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