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Announcing No Safe Spaces

We’re please to debut an exclusive preview of the forthcoming film, No Safe Spaces, directed by Justin Folk, produced by Mark Joseph, and starring Adam Carolla and Dennis Prager.

Once upon a time, our universities were the ultimate marketplace of ideas. Today, college campuses are the most dangerous places for ideas and dissent. Trigger warnings and safe spaces are proliferating. The First Amendment and intellectual freedom are disappearing. This disturbing movement is now extending beyond colleges and into the real world. How long until we are all punished for thinking dangerous thoughts?

The free exchange of ideas is the foundation of America. The attacks on the First Amendment are an attack upon our American Identity. Where else, if not the classroom, can ideas be challenged, worldviews be debated, and new questions raised?

No Safe Spaces goes behind the scenes to examine the challenges to free speech that a new generation faces. With the help of a wide range of thinkers and personalities from Cornel West, Alan Dershowitz, and Van Jones to Jordan Peterson, Ben Shapiro, and Tim Allen, Adam and Dennis take their audience through a journey of discovery, the search for a solution, and a few laughs along the way.

The film is set to release in theaters in spring 2019.

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