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No So Fast, Harry

This race isn’t about Sharron Angle. It’s about you:

“Dump Harry Reid”: That was the chant from Angle’s supporters as she took the stage inside the warm, cramped hall of the Orleans Hotel in Las Vegas Tuesday night. Despite the bitter primary between Angle and onetime frontrunner Sue Lowden, Nevada Republicans are deeply unified in their desire to oust Reid. At Lowden’s final campaign stop Monday, while being interviewed by The Washington Post, ABC News and Politico, Lowden offered up an endorsement of Angle should she win, before we even asked the question. That’s how badly Nevada Republicans want to beat Reid.

Good move by Lowden. More from Jim Geraghty:

Hmm. Last night, Sharron Angle won 70,420 votes. Harry Reid won 87,374. That’s a smaller margin than I would have expected. Yes, the GOP Senate primary was a lot more competitive than the Democratic one, and the same was true in the gubernatorial primary, where another little-known Nevada Democrat challenged Rory Reid and won 14 percent. But there was a competitive Democratic primary in the 2nd congressional district, and as I’ve noted earlier, Harry Reid has spent $10 million so far. You would think Nevada Democrats might be inclined to come out and give him a vote of confidence.

Consider this nugget:

Another factor that’s a bit surprising: 25 percent of Nevada Democrats who showed up wanted a Senate nominee that wasn’t Harry Reid.


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