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No, the Border is Not Secure. No, Troops Won’t Make a Difference.

I keep hearing it said on TV that the border is secure. It is true that the border is more robust than it has been and that, overall, illegal crossings are down from 15 or 20 years ago, but our rules have created an enormous loophole for Central American family units and minors. They often surrender to border agents and are basically waived into the country. This is why troops won’t make a difference, even if they could take a more active role than logistical support. Migrants would just as readily surrender to a soldier as a border-patrol agent, and all the same rules would apply. You could put the 82nd Airborne on the border and it wouldn’t make a difference. Until Congress acts to close the loophole, it will remain a magnet for the category of migrants overwhelmingly represented in the caravan.

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