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‘No, Trump Is Not Diminished’

I wrote about Trump after the midterms for Politico today:

Mid-term losses typically humble a sitting president of the United States, but Trump is beyond humbling.

He is the most unbowed president ever to lose a house of Congress. Anyone who thought Trump would be taken down a notch, even by a more stinging electoral rebuke, doesn’t know the man. He will remain the circus master of American politics until the day, presumably in January, 2021 or 2025, when he waves and gets on Marine One for the last time.

He made the midterms about him, because, really, what else would he make them about? Trump will never lose his interest in air time, or the ratings. He boasted at a rally that, thanks to him, interest in the mid-terms was running higher than ever. And he was right.

Even if Democrats had won a larger victory, on the scale of the Republican sweep in 1994, it would be impossible to imagine Trump getting up-staged.

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