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No, Your Two-Year-Old Is Not ‘Transgender’

( LemonTreeImages/Getty Images)

A British couple recently went on national television to explain that their very young daughter is really a boy because the small child said, at two years old, “I’m not a girl, I think I’m a boy.” And that, these days, is enough to make it so!

In his deposition to the James Younger trial, Dr. C. Alan Hopewell, the senior clinical neuropsychologist in the state of Texas, testified that a seven-year-old child “can’t make rational decisions” and is “very easily influenced.” This fact is “settled science,” he said — “at the level of Galileo’s statement of how the Earth revolves around the sun.”

Whatever confusion or bad advice they may be suffering from, these parents are peddling madness. This is dangerous for their toddler and for our culture.


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