The Corner


Since we’re talking about movies we’ve seen recently, I watched a little bit of Cast Away (or is that one word?) with Tom Hanks last night. I think it’s an okay movie, but not nearly as good as the hype. But it occurred to me that Cast Away has got to have one of the longest stretches of film without dialogue in cinema history — not counting silent movies and super clever art house stuff (sorry Mike Potemra: French films about lovers who meet, grope and commit suicide in a used bookstore don’t count). Papilion has a long stretch without dialogue, but I don’t think it matches Cast Away. The only film I think might beat it is Sorcerer with Roy Scheider. If I remember correctly, there’s a little talking in the begining and then this vast swath of time with no talking as he drives a truck full of nitro through the rainforest. It’s also a candidate for sweatiest movie ever, but let’s not start that again.