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Noonan: Obama’s Made Clear Tuesday Changes Nothing for Him

“One of the really big stories that we saw in your interview, but also in the past few days with the president, is that a very significant historic election occurred, everybody looked at the president like, ‘What does this change for you?’ and he has made it clear . . . that this will not change his method of operation a bit.”

So says Wall Street Journal columnist Peggy Noonan. The consequences of the president’s obstinacy are likely to be frustrating, she predicted on Face the Nation. “[It] means he’s not going to change his relationship with the Congress, which means more of the past six years.”

Remarking on the president’s interview with Schieffer, Noonan added: “Also, I think the president has taken to putting a lot of padding in his sentences. . . . That’s what you do when you’re running out the clock, and there’s a certain running-out going on.”

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