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Just when I had finally managed to forget the afternoon I spent shuffling

with the crowd through the Bear Bryant Museum in Tuscaloosa, here comes

another one of those hero coaches. I never even HEARD of these guys. Note

that the link takes you to a Castro-length speech by this Hayes dude WHICH


“Mr. Derbyshire—I respectfully ask you to ignore the comments of Mr.

Miller and rise above the trash that is the University of Michigan. I feel

as though I must defend my proud university and have attached something that

I feel speaks highly of THE Ohio State University. No man in the great state

of Ohio is held in as high an honor as the late Coach Woody Hayes. He is

still loved long after his death not just for winning football games but

because of the man he was. You can tell a great deal about people by the

ones they admire and if you use Woody Hayes as a reflection on Ohio we have

nothing to be ashamed of. I think you’d find that those s.o.b.’s up north

don’t have as much to be proud of. Oh, and after your Alabama baptism I’m

just curious if Bear Bryant ever spoke about matters like Woody did. Thanks

and keep up the great work.

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