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Norm Coleman on the Bolton Resignation

Today’s announcement that Ambassador John Bolton will not seek to remain in his position as U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations represents a tremendous blow to the effectiveness of U.S. leadership at the UN, as it disrupts the continuity of our diplomacy at a critical moment. Ambassador Bolton proved himself to be a strong advocate for U.S. interests, as well as a skillful diplomat who was able to work with our partners and reach compromises on important international issues. Ambassador Bolton’s tireless diplomatic efforts yielded considerable results, including Security Council resolutions condemning North Korea’s nuclear activities and a call for UN Peacekeepers in Darfur.  He also built consensus among our allies on the need to constrain Iran’s nuclear program and work towards reform of the U.N., efforts that I regret he will not be able to continue. I am deeply disappointed that partisan politics and the obstructionism of a few Senators stood in the way of Ambassador Bolton’s nomination and ultimately lead to his resignation. We are losing a great voice for the American people in the international community.

And Mitch McConnell:

Ambassador Bolton is a strong and tireless advocate for American security.  My hope is that he will soon return to government service, but I am troubled that a public servant of his caliber has been refused the opportunity to continue his service to our nation.



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