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Krauthammer’s Take: North Korea Would Be the First ‘Insane Regime’ with Long-Range Nukes

With Kim Jong-un’s regime threatening to build an intercontinental ballistic missile, Bret Baier pointed out President-elect Donald Trump’s tweet about that possibility:

Baier then turned to Charles Krauthammer and asked how it may be that Trump would intervene, and Krauthammer said it’s important what Trump means to do to prevent Kim from having such a weapon:

If this occurs, if the North Koreans test an intercontinental ballistic missile, that means they could wipe out Los Angeles tomorrow, if they can mount a warhead on it. That would be the single most important and threatening action that one can imagine for 2017. When Trump says “It’s not going to happen,” I don’t know what he quite means. But if he means a preemptive attack by the United States or something of that sort, we are looking at a crisis of the ultimate proportions.

I’m not saying he [Trump] is threatening, all I am saying is, he’s aware of the fact that we are looking at what could be a strategic hinge point in history. That would be really serious. This is an insane regime with the ability to push a button and wipe out a U.S. city. That has never happened. We have had the Chinese, the Russians, but they are not insane. That’s quite different. I think he is recognizing we have an issue. I think he ought to be asked in the next press conference, “What exactly do you mean by ‘It ain’t gonna happen’?”

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