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North Korea Portrays Life in the U.S.


The video above is reportedly a North Korean propaganda video that portrays life in the United States — a dire existence in which citizens subsist off of snow and the landscape is devoid of trees because the American people have been forced to eat them all. 

“This is how Americans live today,” a faceless narrator announces, “drinking coffee made from snow, living in tents and buying guns to kill each other, especially children. Some people complain about the guns.” 

As the video depicts a man sleeping on a bench, the narrator announces, “This man awaits heroin.”

The video concludes, “This is how they live in America: the poor, the cold, the lonely and the homosexual,” as the camera crew supposedly awakens a shivering man and offers him a cup of North Korean coffee. 

UPDATE: According to Slate’s Josh Voorhees, though the footage in the video above likely originated in North Korea, the English-language narration is likely a hoax

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