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This Is Not About Abortion

Maybe it’s duplicitous of me (though I don’t think it is), but I really wish partial-birth abortion was called something else. Like how the GOP indoctrinated us all to say death tax instead of estate tax. Fact is, most people know where they stand on abortion and so see no real need to pay attention to articles, debates, etc. on any type of abortion, any news, etc. If the media had any sympathy or understanding of the procedure we’re talking about with pba, maybe there would be an “infanticide” in the headline. Instead, it’s just another abortion, and pols get away with hiding under women’s rights and health and nonsense (N.B. actual women’s rights and health, for the record, is not nonsense—but partial-birth abortion is NOT about women’s rights and health and pretending it is is what is nonsense).


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