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Not to Be Indelicate…

but some of you angrier readers can kiss my Michael Moore if you know what I mean.

I know everyone’s edgy. I know this is a tense time. The election’s a big deal, blah, blah, blah. But none of it justifies some of the idiotic and nasty nonsense (a tiny minority of) you folks are hurling at me and/or us.

A few points directed solely at those people who need to hear it:

1. The exit numbers I posted were posted in order for me to debunk them. The Wonkette numbers are false. Or they are at least not exit poll numbers from today. It is possible, from what two sources tell me, that they are tallies of the early voting — conducted by the Democrats. That’s plausible.

2. On the posting of exit polls in general (an issue which NRO has been central to for five years), we do not have a monopoly over their publication. It’s not like if we choose not to do it, that a dozen other sites won’t go right ahead and do it anyway.

3. I have never been convinced that learning your guy is losing in a very tight race translates into lower turnout. It’s entirely possible and in my mind probable that it gins up the base to redouble its efforts. Moreover, the entire universe is not reading NRO and deciding to judge based upon our reports on exit polls.

I am making these points in order to rebut the deluge of angry, pissy emails I’m getting from people who make it sound like we’re collaborating with the Nazis when we’re simply doing our job. My apologies for wasting everyone else’s time.