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Not a Catholic Issue

A reader from Seattle writes, and she is right:

Okay, earlier today I sent an email asking that Corner posters make it clear that we are not just talking about Catholics being the only body with objections to the HHS mandates — Protestants do, too, as do I’m sure other religions.

I was happy to see a post by a Lutheran (LCMS — I, too, am Lutheran, but a member of WELS) agreeing that the conscience rights must be defended. (Post by Robert Morrison.)

But the headline on the post still irks me – “Why This Lutheran Defends Catholics’ Conscience Rights

We don’t have “Catholic” rights of any kind in the Constitution. And Catholics are not the only ones with Conscience Rights, or with religious objections to the HHS Mandate. Can you PLEASE change your phrasing to reflect the fact that it is NOT just the Catholics who have problems with the mandate? If we make this a “Catholic vs. the rest of us” we could lose the battle.


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