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Not Exactly a Busy Week for Biden So Far

The Biden campaign can complain that the Trump camp’s attacks on Biden’s stamina, health, mental capacities, and ability to handle the physical challenges of the job are unfair. But the most effective way to dispel the claims that Biden is ailing or easily tired is to put him out there.

Yesterday, Biden traveled to Pittsburgh and spoke for 24 minutes — and then took no questions. As of this writing, the former vice president has no events on his schedule for Tuesday besides a planned virtual fundraiser.

Biden has only one event listed today, a fundraiser.

This feels awfully late in the campaign for the candidate to have a day with no public events. Today is September 1. North Carolina sends out absentee ballots in three days. Voting starts in less than three weeks. Minnesota, South Dakota, and Wyoming start early voting on September 18; New Jersey and Virginia start September 19, and Michigan and Vermont start September 21. The first presidential debate is on the 29th.

Just what is Joe Biden doing today?