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Not in front of the Children!

Few things irritate me more than the MSM-wide assumption that there are things we, the reading/viewing public, should not be told, for fear we will go berserk, run out of our houses, and cut the throats of passing strangers.  To the MSM we are children, in front of whom certain things must not be said.

Case in point:  Here is a news story in this morning’s New York Post, about a youth gang rumble in the city, in which a young man was stabbed to death.  One can deduce from the story that the rumble was between students from two nearby high schools, Washington Irving and Science Skills Center.

But what was the occasion of the rumble?  Just school pride?  We are given only the faintest hints.  The murdered young man was named Taishawn Bellevue, of the Science Skills school.  He has a cousin named Levar Moore.  A friend and classmate of Taishawn’s named Glennwood Nobles was also stabbed.  Nobles father in named Troy Woodfin.  The only Washington Irving student mentioned in this report was one Carlos Tejada, who was smashed on the head with a brick.

“Tejada’s cousin Jefferson Cuevas said the violence stemmed from a ‘beef’ between students from Science Skills and Washington Irving on Irving Place, a few blocks from the scene.”

But what was the nature of that beef?  The New York Post does not tell us.

I looked up the two schools on the GreatSchools website.  The student breakdowns by ethnicity, white-black-hispanic-other, are as follows.

Science Skills HS:  4-81-10-5 

Washington Irving HS:  3-31-61-5 

Oh, I see.  So it was a black-Hispanic rumble.

Shhh!  Not in front of the children!


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