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Not Funny

Al Franken.

No, no, sorry. That’s not the whole post.

(My joke wasn’t funny either, I know.)

Here’s the post, Franken’s Q1 fundraising report :

For Immediate Release

Franken Announces Preliminary First Quarter Totals:

Over $1.3 Million Raised, Over $1 Million On Hand  




MINNEAPOLIS (04.04.07) – Al Franken for Senate today announced preliminary fundraising totals for the first quarter, which ended March 31.

The campaign expects to report over $1.3 million raised from over 10,000 contributors from all 50 states and Washington, DC. In addition, the campaign enters the second quarter with over $1 million cash on hand. This total represents funds raised in the campaign’s first 45 days after its February 14 launch.

“We’re thrilled,” said Communications Director Andy Barr. “We’ve known for some time now that people are excited about Al’s candidacy, and our fundraising success confirms that. Our campaign is already in full swing, and we’re incredibly grateful to our thousands of contributors for making that possible.”

First quarter fundraising reports are due to the Federal Election Commission on April 15, and the campaign continues to tabulate contributions. More details on these totals will be available as that date approaches.

In other news, the campaign re-launched its website this month. For more information and multimedia materials including video, audio, news releases, event recaps, biography, pictures, and a full travel schedule, please visit

So Al Franken’s Senate campaign has raised more money than the Sam Brownback and Mike Huckabee presidential campaigns. 

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