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Not a Matter of Opinion

OMB Director Jacob Lew faced a relentless grilling today at the hands of Sen. Jeff Sessions (R., Ala.), ranking member of the Senate Budget Committee. Sessions took issue with Lew’s assertion that the White House budget brings down debt over 10 years.

Lew, a tad flustered, attempted to play the role of guidance counselor and intervene on his own behalf, urging everyone to be nice. “I just think that if we’re going to have the kind of conversation that we need to have to resolve this, we have to have it in a way where we respect each other and I respect your position senator…” Lew said.

A hot Sessions shot back: “Well I can’t respect a position that suggests this budget reduces the debt! If you take that position we’re talking beyond each other.”

They proceeded to, quite literally, talk beyond each other.

“I don’t think it’s a matter of opinion,” Sessions continued. “I believe Mr. Lew it’s flatly in error, and it cannot continue and I hope the President and he never repeats that this budget balances at any point in the 10 years.”

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