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‘Not My President’ Has Always Been Around. But Not from the Defeated Candidate.

From the Thursday Morning Jolt

‘Not My President’ Has Always Been Around. But Not from the Defeated Candidate.

There are always those on the losing side who say they refuse to accept the results of the election, and that the person taking the oath is not legitimate or was not fairly elected.

This stuff is always around. You just almost never get it from the candidate who comes in second.

We will see what happens on November 8. If the polls are anywhere close to accurate, this will not be a close election, and Hillary Clinton will win by a bigger margin than Barack Obama did in 2008 and 2012. A new poll puts Hillary Clinton up by 5 in Arizona. A new poll puts Evan McMullin up by 4 in Utah. Trump hasn’t led a poll in Florida since October 2. He hasn’t led a poll in North Carolina or Nevada since September 20, and he hasn’t led a poll in Pennsylvania since July. He’s never led in New Hampshire or Virginia.

In other words, any Trump claim of a stolen election will not require alleging a couple hundred fraudulent votes in one key swing state, the way the 2000 election came down to Florida. It will require alleging tens of thousands of fraudulent votes, perhaps hundreds of thousands, in each of four or five key swing states, most of whom have Republican secretaries of state who are overseeing the elections process and sworn to protect the integrity of the ballot. In other words, Trump will argue that our voting system was flooded with close to a million or perhaps more than a million illegitimate votes for Hillary Clinton across several states. Arguing that the 2016 election was stolen will require believing in vote fraud on a massive scale, going on underneath the noses of hundreds of poll watchers, polling place workers – or with the complicity of all of these officials.

It will be a vast conspiracy theory for the ages.

Has Project Veritas proven that there are malevolent Democratic groups and individuals who would love to pull something like this off? Yes. Should every one of those individuals and groups get investigated and prosecuted for wrongdoing? Absolutely. Do the videos prove that they can pull it off on a scale large enough to swing a presidential election? No.

Yes, it’s unnerving to watch NYC Democratic Commissioner of the Board of Elections Alan Schulkin caught on hidden camera at a United Federation of Teachers holiday party declaring…

“He gave out ID cards. De Blasio. That’s in lieu of a driver’s license, but you can use it for anything. But, they didn’t vet people to see who they really are. Anybody can go in there and say I am Joe Smith, I want an ID card. It’s absurd. There’s a lot of fraud. Not just voter fraud, all kinds of fraud.”

It’s also worth noting that in 2012, Obama beat Romney in the Empire State by almost 2 million votes. Whatever shenanigans are going on in New York City, the presidential election in New York state was not stolen in 2012 – unless you want to argue that 2 out of every 7 ballots cast in the entire state were fraudulent.


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