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Not the Onion: Dennis Rodman Thinks Kim Jong Un Is Very Humble

In a surreal and borderline-incomprehensible interview on This Week, basketball legend Dennis Rodman defended his trip to North Korea where he hobnobbed with Kim Jong Un, the nation’s brutal dictator. 

“The kid’s only 28 years old,” said Rodman. “I saw people respect him and his family.”

“Aren’t they forced to?” asked Stephanopoulos.

“No, I’d say no,” he responded.

Rodman added that Kim wants Obama to call him, and that the two could chat about shooting hoops.

“He loves basketball. Obama loves basketball. Let’s start there,” said Rodman. He added that Kim is “very humble.”  

When asked about the dictator’s prison camps, Rodman actually suggested that “we do the same thing here.” 


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