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Not to Pile On, But . . .

In his Morning Jolt today, Jim Geraghty highlights this post from the blog Another Black Conservative:

Last week’s Daily Caller story about the RNC’s lavish spending and a trip to a sex club is they type of story that would put any chairman under the hot lights, color be damn. You cannot go around telling the electorate the GOP is the party of fiscal sanity, while at the same time the RNC is partying like it is 1999. It reeks of hypocrisy and it is the type of hypocrisy that makes donors slam their wallets shut, just like Sam Fox did today.

One of the reasons why I slammed my wallet shut to the RNC is because I did not see the RNC adhering to conservative principles. Sad to say, under Steele’s leadership, I still don’t see it.

What Michael Steele needs to do is to stop the self promotion, knock off the endless TV appearances and start working on building a brand that inspires confidence with the American people.

I remember saying the latter months ago. At a certain point (are we there yet?), the time to stop passes and the time to move on comes. The tragedy of this, as I see it: Michael Steele is a talent — although his talent might not involve the RNC — and maybe there is something deeply unfair going on. But it’s also unfair to keep yourself the story when there are high stakes in American politics and not-insignificant elections around the corner.

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