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Readers are curious as to why I haven’t responded to Larry Auster’s repetitive barbs over on View From the Right.

How many reasons do you want?

(1) Larry falls out with everybody. You haven’t engaged with paleocons at all until you’ve been the subject of Larry’s scorn. Having Larry pronounce an anathema on you just isn’t a big deal. It’s going to happen to you sooner or later, like toothache, unless you rigorously shun the whole paleocon scene.

(2) Life’s too short. (a) Larry is the guy you get into an argument with in a bar. After half an hour or so, the desire to get as far away from the guy as possible overrides any interest you might have had in whether he’s right or not. You leave the bar; but he follows you down the street, still pecking away: “Surely you must agree that…”

(3) Life’s too short. (b) Larry and I were both founder members of the “human biodiversity” e-list back in the 90s. Larry got kicked off the list because other list members were driven nuts by his ill-natured, relentless, nit-picking, logic-chopping responses to their posts. (That, at any rate, is how I remember it. Larry himself says he resigned from the list because he could no longer bear to be among a crowd of shallow Darwinian atheists. Whatever, Larry.)

(4) Even setting aside his relations with the rest of the human race, Larry and I are such opposites we should not even attempt to engage each other. I can’t stand people who take themselves as seriously as Larry, who have so little interest in science, and are so locked in to the meme about Western Civ being doomed unless we return to Christ. He can’t stand anyone as fundamentally un-intellectual, impressionistic, and irreligious as myself. If the two of us were marooned on a desert island, it would end in homicide–probably in hours, not days.

HOWEVER, having said all that, I still admire and respect Larry for his 1990 pamphlet “The Path to National Suicide ” which was far ahead of its time, which still reads well today, and which was a major inspiration to the current generation of immigration restrictionists, as I think they all acknowledge. Larry did a great service to his country there, and no-one should mention him without noting that.


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