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Not the Proletariat I Know

The Elizabeth Warren campaign suffered a setback in the New Hampshire primary on Tuesday night, with the one-time Democratic front-runner capturing a paltry 9.2 percent of the party’s primary vote and failing to secure a single Granite State delegate.

Warren’s campaign brass sent out an email to her supporters with the following salve:

It hurts to care so much, work so hard, and still fall a little short.

So it’s okay to take a moment and feel that pain, or process that disappointment.

Take a walk around the block, eat an extra piece of chocolate, hug your pet, adopt a pet, watch videos of cats and dogs who are friends, call a friend — whatever works.

Elizabeth Warren often touts her bona fides among the country’s “working people.” Question: Do members of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers typically drown their sorrows in cutesy animal videos, or ever make consecutive use of the words “process that disappointment”? Would they have a psychosocial breakdown about Elizabeth Warren’s lackluster performance in a state primary?

Perhaps I’ve lost touch with the rank-and-file of the American proletariat. But I can’t fathom they’d devote this much emotional energy to the state of Elizabeth Warren’s candidacy, and if they did, that they would use cat videos and diet-cheating to “process” their “disappointment.”