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This Is Not Your Father’S Corner

I am getting many of these:

I must take issue with your classification of “White Castle Stuffing” as the

worst food idea ever. As a native St. Louisan and a connoisseur of such

exquisite fare, I believe that the wonderful parapets of a White Castle will

be immediately visible after being admitted into Heaven by St. Peter. I

have partaken of the stuffing you so disdain and I can proudly say that I

not only survived, but rejoiced at the fact that some unknown but

certifiable genius had finally meshed the word “stuffing” with the final


But there is only one true way to experience the nirvana that is White

Castle. After a night of good conversation, good pool & good beer with your

comrades at your neighborhood tavern, nothing beats “castles” by the dozen,

cheese fries and a chocolate shake. Try this once and your conversion to

“belly bombers” will be complete.


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