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A Note about NR

Politico has the news that we are going nonprofit. When we’ve talked about this transition to people over the last several months, the reaction we’ve usually gotten is: Youre not already a nonprofit? And: What took you so long? (What can we say? We’re conservatives — we hate change.)

As everyone who has ever read one of our fundraising pitches knows, we have always functionally operated as a not-for-profit — we’ve never made money and have always depended on donations for support — although we have never had technical not-for-profit status. What we’re doing here is recognizing what has always been the case: We’re a mission and a cause, not a profit-making business.

The advantage of the move is that all the generous people who give us their support every year will now be able to give tax-deductible contributions, and that we will be able to do more fundraising, in keeping with our goals to keep growing in the years ahead. We are making the shift from a position of strength. We are the largest opinion magazine in the country (150,000 circulation all told) and employ more people than we ever have. We want to go out and tap the conservative philanthropic community to get even bigger and better.

We are going to merge with our nonprofit sister organization National Review Institute in coming weeks, and after a few months will emerge as a unified National Review that is a nonprofit. Thanks, as always, for reading, and for the amazing support so many of you give us.


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