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A Note About Some Important Changes to NRO

As some of you may have noticed, we have re-organized the site a little over the last few days. For a long time, NRO has hosted a series of blogs that ran alongside both the Corner and the homepage. As of this week, that will no longer be the case. With the exception of Bench Memos (which is sui generis and will remain as is), content that would previously have been siloed away on the outer reaches of the site will now be featured more prominently on the homepage.

These alterations are the result of a change in the way our readers are consuming information. At one point in time, it made a great deal of sense for websites such as ours to have a series of discrete blogs, separated from the main landing page; now, it does not. A little while back, we said goodbye to Planet Gore, The Campaign Spot, and David Calling. This week, we are saying goodbye to Phi Beta Cons, Human Exceptionalism, and Postmodern Conservative. I look forward to welcoming many of those who have called the blogs home to both the Corner and to the homepage.

I would like to personally thank all those who have kept our blogs running over the years; it has been a great labor of love and enriched the site greatly. We are enormously grateful. For their work on Phi Beta Cons, special thanks must go to Jane Shaw and George Leef. For Human Exceptionalism, particular thanks are due to Wesley Smith, And for Postmodern Conservative, I thank Peter Lawler.

Thank you for sticking with us as we re-organize. If you have any feedback, do let me know.

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