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A Note to Democrats Over Forty Years Old

I don’t want to hear your shock and horror over Donald Trump. I really don’t. Almost twenty years ago, in the face of credible and serious claims of serious sexual misconduct — including misconduct in the Oval Office — the overwhelming majority of you chose to circle the wagons to retain political power, even when Clinton’s resignation would have left Democrats in control of the White House.

So now you’re mounting your high horse to protect the Republic from an alleged predator like Trump? You’ve lost your credibility. You had an opportunity to do the right thing, and now your outrage shouldn’t be confused in any way, shape, or form with principle.

You mock Trump for placing “winning” above all else, but that’s exactly what you did. You helped debase our culture, excused lying, and normalized adultery for the sake of keeping Bill Clinton in power. You advanced absurd notions like “compartmentalization” to separate a man’s character from his competence.

I believe Donald Trump should step down. I don’t believe he should get a single conservative vote this November. But when I look across the aisle, I don’t see allies. I see opportunists. I’ll believe your moral stands the minute they impose on you even the smallest political cost. I have a feeling I’ll be waiting a long time.


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