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Note From Jersey

From a reader:


On one level I am pleased that the President is coming to Jersey today and hope his speech will have a good impact on the nearby Philly media market as well as the national race. But from my worm’s-eye view reflecting life as a relatively lonely W. supporter in a fairly deep blue part of the state,

I hope there is not too much wishful thinking in this campaign move. Having seen the pathetic state of the NJ GOP first hand over the last three years

(walking away from Christie Whitman’s legacy, looking impotent in the Torricelli/Lautenberg/Forrester fiasco in ‘02, losing out in the legislature

races of ‘03, and the complete ineffectiveness in making hay of McGreevey’s political implosion) this seems to me singularly unpromising territory for

a Bush surprise. From my amateur perspective, the Prez should be living in the more realistic close/tossup states (Ohio, Florida, Iowa, Wisconsin, etc.)

in the next two weeks, not wasting time in blue-state offense (like the California trips of ‘00 that would’ve been much better spent in Florida).

Feel free to pass that on the Bush/Cheney – no charge (maybe exactly what it’s worth).