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Nothing, Nothing, Nothing

Here’s Matthew D’Ancona of the Sunday Telegraph on Blair’s week. Most of this is inside baseball (or should that be inside cricket?), but this paragraph stands out:

“As the ghastly news about Istanbul filtered through the Westminster village on Thursday, it was horribly obvious that a great many people in the British political class are still stranded on September 10, 2001. They don’t understand that war was declared on us all two years ago. They think it is all Bush’s fault. They think that Britain could avoid the worst of it if only our pesky Prime Minister stopped being so literal about the “special relationship”, and just talked mellifluous verbiage about it all, like Dominique de Villepin or Joschka Fischer, or any of the other hommes serieux who have mocked the British position and offered nothing, nothing, nothing, as an alternative. “

He’s right. They don’t.


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