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Now Is the Time for Choosing Real Choice

The Daily Signal has a wonderful short video featuring Kelly Clemente, a birth mother, who makes a basic plea: Adoption is hard. Don’t make it harder.

The governor of Oklahoma Friday night signed a bill that would protect faith-based adoption and foster-care agencies to not have to cast their religious liberty aside in working to solve one of the overwhelming, under-appreciated issues of our day.

The Heritage video makes the argument that we need more choices not less when it comes to foster-care and adoption. This does not have to be a clash to the death on political polarities. This doesn’t have to be about winning broader debates. We need to keep faith-based agencies and secular agencies helping children, not driving the faith-based agencies out of this crucial work on account of the religion of secularism’s stubborn insistence all submit to its values.

“Birth mothers have the right to choose,” Clemente says. She wanted her child to have a Christian married mom and dad raise her child. “When you’re pregnant, that child is yours. If your priority is matching that family’s faith to yours, that’s your prerogative.”

“Birth mothers already sacrifice so much. I don’t think they should have to sacrifice their faith, too.”

The March for Life over the weekend did some celebrating of birth mothers. We need a whole lot more of this, but in way more than videos. We need to look around and see the birth mothers in our midst, we need to help pregnant women know they have the adoption option, we need to be sensitive to the fact these are lifelong choices and be sensitive to it and honest about it from the start.


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