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Now that I’ve stopped laughing…

Over at the Washington Note, Steve Clemons ruminates on who might be selected as Time magazine’s Person of the Year, and offers up his own recommendation: “My pick would be the ‘Guantanamo Detainee’ because this unresolved problem goes to the very core of what America decides to be in the future.”

At first I gave this a big “right on, right on,” but then I realized that by “unresolved problem,” Steve isn’t lamenting the fact that we haven’t killed enough terrorists yet. Different, uh, frame of reference, I guess. My nominee is NRO’s — David Petraeus. But as Clemons predicts, it’ll probably be Al Gore, or — in a perfect world — a shared Guantanamo-Gore award to really drive home the awful truth about America’s two-front strategy for raping and pillaging the globe.


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