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Nowhere Safe

Even here on the NR cruise there’s no escaping the idiocies of the “paper of

record.” Every morning we receive a digest of the day’s New York Times (“some of the news that’s fit to print?”). The headline of one article, “On Magazine Covers, a Full Racial Palette is rare,” caught my attention, as did its

generally gloom-filled text. One statistic in the piece, however, reveals an

entirely different story — the results of a survey commissioned by the gray

lady, which revealed that about one in five of the 2002 magazine covers

included in the survey depicted ethnic minorities. One in five? That’s

hardly “rare” and it is a significantly higher number than the 12.7 percent

share revealed in a similar survey a few years back. When it comes to the New

York Times and “diversity,” the glass, it seems, is always half-empty.

That reminds me, my glass is half empty — time to hit the ‘Lido Deck’…


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