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Kevin Phillips furthered his slide into self-parody on NPR this morning. The bulk of his rant was about what a terrible man Judge Laurence H. Silberman is. Silberman will be on Bush’s intelligence commission and Phillips thinks that’s very bad because of some stuff from Iran-Contra etc. Fine, fine. It sounded like a lot of flimsy stuff cribbed from Lawrence Walsh’s book, but whatever. Fair game and all that. But then Phillips went on to insist that the commission needs some more “honest Republicans” other than John McCain. Phillips’ only nomination? Scott Ritter! Apparently Ritter is a registered Republican and he did say that Iraq didn’t have any WMDs. But the lunacy of the idea says so much about how out there Phillips has become. Why not nominate George Galloway? Or perhaps Noam Chomsky? Oh, that’s right. They’re not registered Republicans.


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