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The reviews are in:

I heard you with Scot Simon this morning. I was embarrassed for you.

This is from a professor of percussion:

Mr. Goldberg:

I heard your interview on NPR this morning. You are a complete idiot. Furthermore, your article which I just read in NRO is totally implausible. Why don’t you actually publish the entire poll with questions, instead of citing isolated statistics? Who takes the poll?

The idiocy of you people is beyond the pale. Bush has a 40% approval rating, the Iraq war is lost and the American people know it.

You probably think I’m a liberal. Well, I’m not. I think we should win our wars and further our cause of creating a more democratic world that will participate in world free market economy. I think it would be great to transform the Middle East. However I do not support incompetence in terms of international diplomacy or in terms of military actions. We have never had a more incompetent adminstration than this one. Give me John McCain or Chuck Hagel but you people have to go. You are pathetic.


Great Job! They should have you on every week. Full disclosure: I’d rather hear the emergency test pattern than Daniel Schorr. But great job anyway.

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