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Npr Shell Games

To see an old example of the shell games NPR plays to hide the extent of their taxpayer support, we dive into the old MRC dumpster of Notable Quotables:

NPR anchor Linda Wertheimer: “Your tax dollars are not going to fund it. National Public Radio is funded by dues from member stations.”

Caller: “It’s not entirely funded by private donations. The Corporation for Public Broadcasting funds National Public Radio.”

Wertheimer: “…No it doesn’t. Which of us works there? I do. No it doesn’t.”

– Exchange from C-SPAN’s Journalists Roundtable, September 9, 1994.


“About those ‘dues from member stations,’ to which Ms. Wertheimer referred: According to the 1993 audit, NPR received $28,147,648 in such dues — the money local public radio stations pay for NPR services. But where do the stations get the money for dues? Well, some of it, 16 percent on average comes from none other than CPB. A portion of that money is actually earmarked for national programming like NPR’s.”

– Washington Times editorial, September 21, 1994.

Even these figures the WashTimes used are NPR’s official numbers, only less publicized. Here’s the reality: NPR, like the rest of public broadcasting, wants maximized funding. It wants Joan Kroc’s millions, and then it will still want YOUR millions. They still have to shell out $225,000 for Bob Edwards every year, after all.

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