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NR College: Free Digital Subscriptions for College Students in Peril

Reading the Harvard Crimson’s little outburst last week, it struck me that I was rather lucky with my education. I went to a university that wasn’t overly leftist and, consequently, was able escape the affliction of progressivism in my first couple of years of adulthood — before it did too much harm. By the time I left college, I had completed my slow, sometimes painful, transformation from dull statist to classical liberal. National Review played no small part in that process, ripping out at the roots the soft anti-Americanism, reflexive recourse to government, and easy thinking to which all Brits are subjected as children. Now, young Americans, opportunity knocks for you, too!

It took me a while to find NRO, and even longer to find a full copy of the magazine. Living 3,000 miles away from New York, I had a good excuse. But if you are a current American college student, you have no such alibi. Note it well: National Review is giving all college students a free digital subscription. All you need is an .edu email address, an open mind, a computer or tablet or smartphone, and the twelve or so seconds that it will take for you to head over to the NR College website or Facebook page and to sign up. It’s truly that easy; a measly little e-mail address and you’ll be given access to the magazine’s full print content, both past and present.

If you have questions, please don’t hesitate to contact Kate.


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