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It’s NOT a Cruise!

Cruises take place on cruise ships, and this ain’t that. This is the renowned and remastered Queen Mary 2, the pride of Cunard Line, and she is an ocean liner, and a luxurious one at that. And if you are wise enough, you’ll be aboard her this August 31st to September 7th on the National Review 2017 Trans-Atlantic Crossing, bounding from Southampton, UK and heading towards Brooklyn in the good ol’ US of A. Here’s a picture of Mary with another beautiful woman.

Everything you need to know about the Trans-Atlantic Crossing can be found here. What can’t be found there, because it’s in your heart instead, is that on-my-bucket-list desire – you’ve always really wanted to sail an ocean, and in style (although not like this). This is the ideal opportunity, so . . . do it (and in the company of hundreds of fellow conservatives).

Now let me highlight three things about this tres bon voyage. The first is that this is an affordable trip. Terribly affordable as we might say for emphasis. Prices start at just $2,577 a person (based on double occupancy), and “single” cabins start at $3,916. There’s a comfortable and spacious stateroom for every taste and wallet.

The second is that there is a terrific array of conservative speakers, writers, thinkers, doers who will be with us. Namely: Judge Michael Mukasey, former U.S. Senator Tom Coburn, Heritage Foundation founder Ed Feulner, acclaimed novelist Mark Helprin, British author Douglas Murray, NR editor in chief Rich Lowry, media critic Brent Bozell, NRO editor Charles Cooke, ace conservative counsel Cleta Mitchell, domestic policy guru Sally Pipes, defense expert John Hillen, Claremont Review of Books editor Charles Kesler, conservative academic Daniel Mahoney, NRO editors-at-large John O’Sullivan and Kathryn Lopez, NR senior editors Jonah Goldberg, Jay Nordlinger, Ramesh Ponnuru, and David Pryce-Jones, NR essayists David French, Kevin Williamson, Reihan Salam, and Ian Tuttle, NR ace reporter Jim Geraghty, and NR columnists Rob Long and James Lileks.

The third is our terrific program: There will be daily seminar sessions in which our all-star speakers will discuss the day’s most pressing issues, plus several cocktail receptions, a smoker, and intimate dining on at least two evenings, and likely three, with our conservative celebrities. Of course there will likely be shuffleboarding (for money!) with Rich and Jonah, but we’ll get to that in another Corner post. Anyway, do sign up today – visit for complete details about this wonderful once-in-a-lifetime experience awaiting you.


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