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NR Cruise Sales Tsunami

A dozen NR cabins were reserved last week on Holland America Line’s brand spanking Nieuw Amsterdam. And between yesterday and today, another dozen bookings have come in. We’re starting to approach 400 cabins reserved for the National Review 2010 Post-Election Caribbean Cruise. Considering we only have 416 in our allotment, this means that if you want to join us, you had better make your reservation immediately. You can do that at Snoozers will be loozers.

Let me remind you why the merry mob scene is taking shape: It’s the 30-plus all-star conservative speakers who will be joining us. We were most happy recently to announce the addition of NR editor Rich Lowry and NRO pessimist John Derbyshire to the ranks, which include political ace Karl Rove, historian Victor Davis Hanson, Islam scholar Bernard Lewis, conservative icon Phyllis Schlafly, web guru / bad boy Andrew Breitbart, liberal-media critic Bernie Goldberg, columnists Tony Blankley and Cal Thomas, Red Eye host (and mosque neighborhood gay bar magnate) Greg Gutfeld, Grand Jihad author Andrew McCarthy, GOP strategist Vin Weber, scholars Michael Novak and Peter Schramm, economist Alan Reynolds, New Criterion editor Roger Kimball, acclaimed pollster Scott Rasmussen, European Parliament Tory star Daniel Hannan, Ethics and Public Policy Center president Ed Whelan, and from NR Jonah Goldberg, Rob Long, Kathryn Lopez, Kate O’Beirne, Jay Nordlinger, Ramesh Ponnuru, Jim Geraghty, John O’Sullivan, Bob Costa, Kevin Williamson, and Roman Genn.

How about you joining the ranks too? Cruise dates are November 14-21. Prices start at $1,899 a person. Again, you can make it happen at

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