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NR Played a Role?

From a reader: We never pushed for her corporately. I wrote a friendly piece, Larry, as you can tell, is a fan …

Sean Cokerham, of The Anchorage Daily News : Alaskans don’t take Palin VP Possibility Seriously

WNYC’s The Leonard Lopate Show: Friday, 08 August 2008

Sean Cockerham, government reporter for The Anchorage Daily News, interviewed for the The Lopate Show’s “States of the Union” series.

LOPATE: “Governor Palin has been mentioned as a potential vice presidential pick for John McCain. How has that speculation been seen in Alaska?”

COCKERHAM: “I think that most Alaskans don’t take that particularly seriously. It’s a kind of interesting phenomenon; it’s one of those things that, from up here people saw it as it started with some bloggers in the lower 48, people who were not from Alaska. Some Alaskans certainly picked that up, and have championed Palin as the Vice Presidential selection. And then pundits, like I think I would say at the National Review and others started pushing Palin and it’s sort of become among it seems among the national media this idea that she’s on McCain’s shortlist. But Palin says that she’s not been talking to McCain; Palin is a new governor, she hasn’t been in office that long, she doesn’t really have a profile on the national stage, Alaska only has three electoral votes, so it’s not really clear how much that would benefit McCain.


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