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NR & Pop Culture

From a reader:   

Hey Jonah,  I was watching an old episode of Magnum PI last night and there was a scene where Magnum is on stakeout inside the Robin Masters estate- he was trying to catch Higgins sneaking in…  Anyway, Magnum sits himself down, pours a glass of brandy and kicks back with a copy of NATIONAL REVIEW  (Kemp was on the cover). Magnum PI and NATIONAL REVIEW two of my favorite things! Do you think NR has made it into any other TV shows, past or present??  btw- absolutely loved your book! Keep up the good work,

Me: Well, I knew Tom Selleck has been a longtime fan of NR (he used to do ads for NR). But the pop culture question is a good one. I suspect Rick Brookhiser or John Miller might have some answers. 


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