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The NR Webathon Soldiers on, Approaching 1,500 Donors, but Missing You

Washington at the Battle of Trenton, engraving by Illman Brothers, 1870 (Wikimedia)

We are deeply appreciative to all who have contributed our Fall 2018 Webathon efforts to raise — well, we are moving the goalposts . . . $225,000 — to fund the ace reporting and general conservative brilliance produced day in and out by National Review’s talented writers. It looks as if some $160,000 has been contributed, and frankly, we could use double that amount (and if fact, double that amount; hence the goalpost-moving).

Bossman Rich Lowry writes today that there are 216 reasons for you to donate to NR, and he’d be right, but he’d also be wrong, because there are waaayyy more than 216 reasons. Rich arrives at that number by tabulating articles — essays, editorials, and blog posts from The Corner and Bench Memos — published by NRO since the mid-September release of contrived allegations against then-SCOTUS nominee Brett Kavanaugh. If you counted articles made since Donald Trump’s early-July nomination, the number would be doubled, and then some. Easy. (And that wouldn’t count hundreds of straight-reporting articles by NRO’s crack “breaking news” duo of Mairead McArdle and Jack Crowe. Nor would it count NR magazine articles.)

NR’s consequential all-in defense of a stellar nominee — and our counterattack against hellbent leftists seeking to destroy vital American principles (such as due process) — is a particularly telling example and, for some, a necessary reminder, of why NR is vital to conservatism, and should be vital to your concerns — you, after all, being a conservative. Which is why we turn to you and ask, without reservation but with deep humility, for your financial support.

Many have responded to the appeals we’ve shared over the past three weeks, the latest, before Rich’s new appeal, made by the great Kat Timpf. Here is a smattering of some comments posted by those who have reached into the pocket book and wallet and underneath the couch cushions:

  • Arthur saw fit to send NR $180 and explained why thusly: “In honor of WFB, a beacon to American thought and liberty.” Shalom my brother and thanks.
  • Philip dropped the remote and, moved by Miss Timpf, contributed $100. Of course, he could not resist being the TV critic: “Kat, as an actress, dizzy, dippydoo. Kat as a writer, inciteful, direct, concise, humorous. Kat on the Gutfeld show, the true star who combines all these characteristics. Me as a contributor, grateful to have the opportunity.” Well, I am not sure that Kat is in the SGA, so we discount the dippydoo critique (also, we don’t know what it means, this side of hair gel). That said Philip, we give you two thumbs up for all the other sentiments, well expressed.
  • And then we turn from Kat to find Jim making with the $250 contribution, influenced by the recent Weekend Jolt: “The splendid email from Jack Fowler titled ‘Churchill . . .’, forwarded to me by my ex-wife, has required me to donate to your campaign. I wish you all the best. I do understand your aversion to Trump’s personal traits, but it may be time to cut him some slack.” The Department of Slack-cuttery has been informed. Many thanks. But please: Do not encourage Fowler.
  • Dean sends us a fat, juicy $500, and there is a reason. And her it is: “There must be a continuous, coherent and fair response to the positions of the progressive Left. National Review helps to provide that response.” Bingo! You rock Dean.
  • Then there’s Dana, and he is even fatter and juicier: He gives $1000. Preach it Jimbo: “The Kavanaugh insanity emphasized the need for your voice to cut through the nonsense that is accepted as serious thought. Your articles certainly helped me keep my sanity. You have a lot more work to do now that the legitimacy of the Supreme Court is being questioned, the Senate has been added to the list of fundamentally unfair American institutions, and another one of the Bill of Rights is being discarded by the Left when it suits them. I am grateful that you exist and am happy I can support your work in a small way.” Small my eye. We are sooo appreciative.
  • One more. That old rascal Anonymous tosses $200 into the collection basket, and makes me think of Saint Crispin’s Day: “The obscenity with which the far Left has been conducting itself fortifies my forthright enthusiasm for the continuation of Conservatism and the necessary resources for its flagship magazine to operate. I’m not a person to be consumed with anger and indignation about whatever daily nonsense arises from the Leftist establishment, but I feel myself increasingly becoming more of a remnant of a civil society, where thoughtful discourse is required to hold the barbarians at the gates. And the barbarians are numerous. I certainly hope I’m a member of a silent majority, where we are able to issue our grievances at the ballot box in November. I consider this gift my first ballot to be filled.”

Be part of the “We Few” band of brothers and sisters who know just how important it is to beat back the barbarians. And there is no better institution equipped at Barbarian-Back-Beating than NR. Please contribute today to our Fall 2018 Webathon. God bless those of you who have, and those who will, and may He inspire those who need to.

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